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Be An Emergency Foster for Our Shelter Pets!

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We are always anticipating the need to find fosters for the animals in our care when we reach critical capacity due to increased intakes throughout the year. Historically, the summer and spring are a very busy time at the Humane Society, kitten season being one of those reasons! We are seeking people who can provide care for a foster pet in emergency situations in order to give us more time to find a more permanent foster. 



Foster care provides temporary homes for animals who need a break from shelter life. Moving these animals into foster homes not only makes their lives better, but also saves the lives of those who take their place. Fostering a shelter animal is a rewarding experience, but requires hard work and dedication.

Here are some of the common foster options:

Field Trip: Take an adult dog out for the day on a long walk, home for a snuggle session, cruising on a car ride or out for a tasty drive-thru treat session. Dogs cannot meet other animals on their field trip and must remain on leash at all times. Dogs must be returned an hour prior to the close of the shelter.

Sleepover: Take an adult dog home for a night or two to get a break from the shelter environment and relax in the comfort of your home. This is a convenient option for families who are unable to house the animal for 2+ weeks, and you can select how long the animal is able to stay in your home.

Standard Fostering: Take any animal over six months old home for at least two weeks for an extended break from the shelter. This helps the animal decompress and gives us an opportunity to learn how they may act in their adoptive home.


Puppy/Kitten Fostering: Our healthy puppies and kittens over two months old aren't typically in need of foster. We do often have orphaned or nursing babies in need of a foster home to grow up in while awaiting being ready for adoption. Some older puppies and kittens are also recovering from an injury/illness and are in need of a foster home.


Small Breed Dog Fostering: Like puppies and kittens, our healthy small breed dogs tend to find homes very quickly and aren't typically eligible for fostering. Exceptions are made for small breed dogs requiring additional socialization or recovering from an injury/illness.

We also have additional options like fostering dogs exhibiting behavioral challenges, animals in need of socialization, animals pending transport to a rescue, etc. You can reach out with any questions!

HSH will provide basic vet care, behavior and training resources, and adoption counseling. Food, treats, toys, and litter are often available to foster parents at no cost. Foster parents are also encouraged to bring their animals to adoption events hosted by the shelter.

If you are interested in fostering come by the shelter between 11am-6pm daily!

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