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Lost Pet

Losing a pet is a traumatic experience! The best way to find your pet, however, is to        act quickly. the shelter ASAP!

Step 1- Have you walked around the area your pet has gone lost in? Going door to door helps just in case someone took them in

Step 2- Utilize online apps and social media platforms to post your pet
–The NextDoor app
–The Ring App

–Post photos on local lost & found pet pages on Facebook. Some to consider are RGVHS Reunite & RehomeHarlingen Lost & Found Pets, Harlingen/San Benito Lost & Found-Pets, RGV Pets, and RGV Reunite Lost Pets. There are dozens more! Post a brief description of where your pet was lost, city, pet description, and a clear photo.

–Print lost pet flyers and put them up in the area your pet went missing


Step 3- We recommend that you come to the shelter in person any day from 11am-6pm or check our website to look for your pet. Our page is updated live with all of the animals in our care. Please Note: It may say adopt, but every stray animal that comes into our care is given a 72 stray hold to ensure that owners have a chance to claim their pet. If you see your pet, please head to the shelter ASAP! If your pet comes in and has a microchip we can contact you right away as long as your information is up to date.





–Current government issued photo identification with your name and address
–Pictures of your pet

*You can also check with other shelters in the RGV. You never know if your pet was picked up in a different city.

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