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Feeding Newborn Kitten


Spring marks the beginning of “kitten season,” a time of year when thousands of homeless kittens flood animal shelters across the country.

Our biggest needs during kitten season are foster families. Foster families open their homes to young kittens, and care for them through the neonate period until they're strong and healthy enough to be adopted into forever homes. 


If you can not foster another way you can help is by donating! Many of the supplies we use to care for kittens, like bottles and miracle nipples, are one-time-use. This means that we go through thousands of them every kitten season. Others, like heating pads and travel crates, are easily misplaced in foster homes and don't make it back to the shelter. 


Please consider opening your home to a foster pet this kitten season or making a monetary donation. Donations can be made in person at the shelter or purchased on our Amazon Wishlist.

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