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Surrendering A Pet

We understand that a wide variety of reasons might lead someone to consider surrendering a pet. We hold no judgement toward those facing this choice, however our highest priorities are to keep pets with their families whenever possible, and to keep animals out of the shelter. For this reason we've collected a number of resources to help you keep your pet at home. Most are focused on meeting needs - financial, medical, and behavioral. The rest are focused on rehoming the pet yourself, keeping them out of the shelter while you find them a new home. Click through to view the resources, and feel free to contact the shelter with any questions.

How RGVHS can immediately help:

We are able to immediately help by offering "intake to foster". This means that the animal will be placed in our foster program, be provided vaccines and treatments, and be made available on our website- all while remaining in your home until they are adopted, transferred to a rescue, or a different foster is found. Physical drop-offs are only an option when space is available.

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