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Welcome to RGVHS Events Submission Page!

Have an event you would like the RGV Humane Society to attend? We would love to hear more about it! 

​Please fill out an event request form below. Ensure to fill out every section to the best of your ability. Our team will contact you once the submission is received! 

Important Disclaimers:


  • Submissions must be received in a timely manner. Last minute submissions may be declined due to late notice.

  • Submission of an event request form does not guarantee that RGVHS will attend the event in question. 

  • RGVHS is permitted to use your organization's logo and images for promotional purposes.

  • Only dogs attend adoption events. Cats cannot safely be transported to events and it can be quite stressful for them during transport to and from the facility.

  • RGVHS reserves the right to not attend events due to unforeseen weather or circumstances. If at any moment, this occurs, RGVHS will contact the vendor as soon as possible.

  • If any situation arises where staff and animals are not safe, RGVHS will immediately leave the event in question. 

Rio Grande Valley Humane Society Locations:

227 Abelino Farias Street, Mission, Texas

2729 Expressway 77, Harlingen, Texas


Complete and submit this application and our communications team will contact you via email. Please fill out every section to the best of your ability. Thank you!

Authorized Personnel

Event Details

Type of Event
Image of business logo

Any questions can be referred to

Thank you for submitting!RGVHS will contact you soon!

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