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¿Por qué Foster?
El cuidado de crianza proporciona hogares temporales para animales que necesitan un descanso de la vida en el refugio. Mover estos animales a hogares de acogida no solo mejora sus vidas, sino que también salva la vida de quienes ocupan su lugar. Fomentar un refugio animal es una experiencia gratificante, pero requiere mucho trabajo y dedicación.

Medical Background

All dogs are vaccinated upon intake, then boosted every 2 weeks; if age-appropriate. All are on heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention, dewormed, and heartworm tested; if age-appropriate. If you have any questions regarding our process or procedures, please email us to

Solicitud de voluntariado de HSH

Complete y envíe esta solicitud y nuestro Coordinador de Voluntarios se pondrá en contacto en breve. ¿Interesado en fomentar? HACER CLIC  AQUÍ

Is your organization able to help with these types of cases?

Please provide the following references


The organization agrees with the following statements.

1. Partner is a 501(c)3 authorized to house companion animals

2. Partner will provide proper care for all transferred animals, including nutritionally adequate food, water, shelter, safe containment, veterinary care, adequate exercise, environmental enrichment, socialization, and humane treatment.

3. Partner confirms that transferred animals will not displace other animals in the partner’s care or community and the transferred animals will not be euthanized for space

4. Partner agrees that transferred animals will not be used for breeding purposes, fighting purposes, nor be placed with organizations for commercial purposes

5. Partner agrees that transferred animals will be sterilized prior to adoption. Only a veterinarian may exempt a dog or cat from sterilization and only for extraordinary medical reasons.

6. Partner will assume legal ownership of every animal transferred upon arrival and until the adoption of the animals to new owners.

7. Partner agrees that it is fully liable for all costs for the care and/or damage done by the animals during the time partner legally owns the animals

8. Partner understands they may humanely euthanize any transferred animals that are found to be a danger to the public or are in a state of extreme physical suffering. Notify RGVHS prior to euthanasia to explore options.

9. Partner understands that many shelter animals have an unknown history and are being transferred from a shelter environment. RGVHS is not able to ensure the animals have not been exposed to pathogens, parasites, viruses, etc.

10. Partner agrees to support the mission, vision, goals, and efforts of The RGV Humane Society and I will not do anything to damage The RGV Humane Society’s goodwill. This may include publicly disparaging The RGV Humane Society’s manner or methods of operation or engaging in conduct that could have a negative impact on the perception of The RGV Humane Society among donors, volunteers, supporters, potential corporate/governmental partners, and others.

11. Partner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless RGVHS and its board members, officers, agents, employees, assigns, and successors from and against all suits and causes of action, claims, losses, demands, and expenses, including, but not limited to, attorney's fees and cost of litigation, damage or liability of any nature, for death or injury to any person, including its employees and agents, or damage or destruction of any property of either party hereto or of third parties, arising in any manner by reason of the negligent acts, errors, omissions or willful misconduct incident to our performance under this Agreement. The provisions of this paragraph survive expiration or termination of this Agreement. RGVHS RESCUE PARTNER AGREEMENT - 2

12. RGVHS does not guarantee or make any warranties or representations regarding the health, temperament, training, behavior, or suitability of the Animal(s) for adoption. Any information or observations provided to the Partner about the Animal(s) is based on the limited information available to RGVHS at the time of transfer and may not be accurate or comprehensive; Partner understands that the Animal(s) may behave differently or unpredictably after transfer.

DISCLOSURES: Any accompanying medical records provided, is the factual information RGVHS staff have about this animal(s), at this time. The information provided here does not necessarily encompass every aspect of this animal’s health or behavior, nor does it imply any guarantee of future health or behavior.

EMAIL: By providing your email address, you are also agreeing to receive emails from RGVHS.

AUDIO-VISUAL IMAGES: Partner understands that the activities of RGVHS are potentially of interest to donors, foundations, contributors, government officials, and the public at large and that in connection therewith such activities, including transfers, may be recorded on film, video or other electronic recording media. Partner hereby consents to such recording and to the use by RGVHS of any recorded images or other media recordings of his/her name and likeness for any purpose related to the furtherance of the objectives of RGVHS. In particular, Partner grants RGVHS permission to copyright and use, reuse, publish and republish recorded images or other media recordings, without restriction as to changes or alterations, for art, advertising, trade, or other purposes.

Submission of this form is required to be approved for as a transfer partner, but submission of this form does not guarantee immediate approval. Following submission of this form, a member of our team will reach out to the contact information provided. Our team is working diligently to review and approve your application, but it may take up to 48 hours before approved.

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