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¡Perder una mascota es una experiencia traumática! Sin embargo, la mejor manera de encontrar a su mascota es actuar con rapidez. Si su mascota se perdió en o cerca de nuestra área de servicio ...

  • Complete el informe de mascota perdida a través del enlace a continuación.


  • Identificación actual con foto emitida por el gobierno con su nombre y dirección

  • Registros de vacunación o licencias

  • Fotos de tu mascota

  • Prueba de propiedad (documentos de adopción, factura de venta, licencia de la ciudad)

Step 1- Have you walked around the area your pet has gone lost in? Going door to door helps just in case someone took them in

Step 2- Utilize online apps and social media platforms to post your pet
–The NextDoor app
–The Ring App

–Post photos on local lost & found pet pages on Facebook. Some to consider are RGVHS Reunite & RehomeHarlingen Lost & Found Pets, Harlingen/San Benito Lost & Found-Pets, RGV Pets, and RGV Reunite Lost Pets. There are dozens more! Post a brief description of where your pet was lost, city, pet description, and a clear photo.

–Print lost pet flyers and put them up in the area your pet went missing


Step 3- We recommend that you come to the shelter in person any day from 11am-6pm or check our website to look for your pet. Our page is updated live with all of the animals in our care. Please Note: It may say adopt, but every stray animal that comes into our care is given a 72 stray hold to ensure that owners have a chance to claim their pet. If you see your pet, please head to the shelter ASAP! If your pet comes in and has a microchip we can contact you right away as long as your information is up to date.





–Current government issued photo identification with your name and address
–Pictures of your pet

*You can also check with other shelters in the RGV. You never know if your pet was picked up in a different city.

Solicitud de voluntariado de HSH

Your information

Animal Information

Photo of animal

We will try to contact you if a similar pet comes in but don’t rely on solely us contacting you. Please continue to actively look for your lost pet by coming in person daily or checking our website.

Do not lose hope! We hope that you find your pet soon. Please keep us updated if your pet is found and we will try to do the same.

Thanks for submitting!

RGVHS will contact you soon.

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